Cyborg Mermaid

The process for being transformed and equiped with her current form was painful. Though her brief experience in medical school was vital in
understanding how some of the machinery worked and was essential in transforming her insufferable children into parts of her.
She could hardly believe the two and three year old had been mutated into such a tiny size! Directly wired into her nerves, the tentacles are quite sensitive.

Her husband had been staying late in the laboratory but was too late to stop her transformation. He was seriously wounded by the mermaid but has
fully recovered and is currently tracking down the stolen government property.

In the deeper parts around the eldritch sea reside an quite generic fish people living in peace. The cyborg mermaid usually robs and sinks
boats or yachts that are far out from land to trade valuables for more civil food rather than the raw fish she usually consumes.
Ten minutes away from the settlement is a god worshipping fish that occasionally repairs her robotic arms and legs in exchange for her listening to his long sermons.