Sarakiel is the primary secretary for Heaven's economy.

She spends most of her time sifting through documents and letters to determine their wealth is great enough to fuel their angel's new material greed,
infrastructure, food, weapons of war and other miscellaneous tolls on the holy gate's unstable currency reserve. Originally, material matters
were no concern to the mystical beings but recent years have shown a dwindling belief in Christianity and other god worshiping religons cut
from the same cloth. The lack of brain energy being funneled into the collective mass has caused conventional mystic action (summoning weapons,
miracles, supplies, great changes in the world) to no longer work without seriously endangering those who use it by the way of spontaneous combustion
or ceasing existance entirely.

Sarakiel enjoys her work, enough to actually go unpaid... though she makes Jesus Christ and Naraku help her often because their understanding of
religous and military spending are more through than hers. Though seemingly innocent and pure, like all angels in this modern age, she harbors a dark secret.
Sex! Beast Sex! When she isn't spending all her time consuming tea and coffee while managing crucial logistics, she engages in rather unpure activies in the archives
with things unfit to be anywhere near her. Jesus Christ knows but puts up with the degneracy merely on the fact that without her, Heaven would be in a crisis trying
to figure out how to supply their army and workers. Naraku is clueless about it though...