Flesh Angel

Flesh Angel was created using bioengineering and primitive magic to kill an unknown amount of deities that control the earth.
Created in 2002 after the United Nations found concrete proof of an afterlife with inhabitants that threaten humankind, she was sent to infiltrate the ranks of the divine in 2012.
Only recently has she started killing off low ranking angels...Flesh Angel has lived a sheltered life full of virtual combat training and recreational activities in a sterile lab.
She will come off as hostile to strangers but can be warm with those she knows.
Sitting in a white room focusing on herself for her entire adolescence has manifested her unconscious magic into something powerful.

Oh, she likes junk food, fishing and watching Shell do human things. Every once in a while she'll offer to take Shell
on a mission but he already gets enough action (angelic breakins, divine postal workers, the half comatose Centipede Girl
locked up in the basement dungeon he didn't even knew the house had) but he usually refuses.