Biological Horror

It is 2003. It's been one year after Flesh Angel came out of her artificial womb and into the world.
The US are impressed with the UN's star organism and want their own divine creature for their dirty work.
They copy their work and create their very own genetically engineered horror.
While Flesh Angel would be used exclusively for killing deities and other supernatural foes, Biological Horror would be used for extermination of threats to "national security".
After a couple years of VR training and teaching of American values, she began her wetwork. Silencing insurgents in Afghanistan,
removing minor supernatural creatures off US territory and killing the few conspiracy theorists that got too close to the truth.
In 2011, She was assigned to enter sections of Heaven and Hell to disturb the conventional ways of how angels were born and viewed.
These series of covert operations caused a wave of irregularities and mutations in the appearances of demons and angels.
This paved the way for Flesh Angel's infiltration into the ranks of the divine in 2012.
Present day, she's being called into the fray again...

Biological Horror had a somewhat better upbringing than her rival. Her very short childhood was confined to an somewhat colorful room with an
incredibly small staff of teachers and caretakers. When put through field training, her divine genes and unconscious magic carried her through her training.
Because of that, she has grown to be cocky and somewhat full of herself.
Her body allows her to compress on itself, which blocks the damage to her internal organs at the cost of her feeling pain on all the compressed points.
She was born with an organic metal filtration system, which can function as a gas mask, scuba gear or pain killer producer.
This pain killer function is to balance out the pain from the compression and other major injuries.
The repeated use of this system of replacing the majority of pain with drugs has turned Biological Horror into a masochist.
The metal on the sides of her face cannot come off.