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Biological Horror stalked through the concrete hallways, bathed in red light from the lock-down triggered by her. To keep them in so she can purge the evil that created her. "THERE!" She drops to the floor, twisting her body to aim her double MAC-10s towards the patrolling United Nations soldiers. "FUCK!" A slow blur of blue body armor dispersed across the narrow hallway, scrambling for cover. Return fire was sent, deafening shots reverberating in the small space. "Aw fucking... shit fuck!" She ducked into one of the open private office rooms lining the hallway.

She was hit. She could feel the missing flesh, the blood flowing from the exposed veins and the accursed burning metal inside. Panting, she began to push the foreign matter outside of her dubiously divine temple, hearing the pitter patter of shells on wooden flooring. Her head turned towards the open doorway, picking up the combatant's footsteps and own leaking blood. She still had a few grenades left... Slowly she pulled the pin of one, clenching the striker lever as the bullet holes began to close, flesh being knit and veins transporting essential liquid once again.

Clink. "GET BACK!" "OH SHIT!" "OUT OF MY W-" Boom. She poked her head outside the doorway, MAC-10 aimed in the direction from whence she came. Their blue ceramic and kevlar armor was stained by the red of the emergency lights and their own essential liquids. She could see their green scales beneath the armor, embedded into the ground and walls from the explosion. Biological Horror wasted no time on exiting the office doorway and continuing her march towards her Commanding Officer's office where he no doubt would be holed up. It's been a long night, mowing through complacent scientists and highly trained Lizardmen.

The door was wooden like the ones lining the other various rooms with a name tag placed in the middle titled 'Colonel Samuel Gulliver'. "I know you're in there..." "YOU CRAZY BITCH! WE MADE YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY US? I'LL HAVE YOUR PRETTY LITTLE ASS IN CHAINS AFTER THIS LITTLE STUNT!" Biological Horror started to kick down the door, aiming her foot towards the handle. "I'll have your pretty little face in my freezer after this stunt..." The door flew open, making the old man shriek as he hid under his desk. She walked in slowly, approaching his desk- BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG "YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD, COLONEL!" She jumped over his desk as he fired at her with a pathetic little pistol, many of the bullets entering her but seemingly having no effect. "NO! NO! NO NO NO!" She grabbed the pistol out of his hand, disassembling it right before his eyes, rendering him totally defenseless.

The old soldier began to punch her before his fist was entrapped by a cold grip. "AUGHH!!!" Her eyes narrowed as bones began to splinter under the force of her grip before letting go and decking him in the gut, sending him sprawling to the ground wailing in pain as he grasped his injured hand. "You're pathetic... it almost makes me feel bad for what I'm about to do to you." She kicked him in the stomach, laughing manically. "Who am I kidding!? This feels fucking..." Another kick. "GREAT!" Another kick as he started to sob. "What? We haven't even started yet?" "YOU... YOU INSANE SLUT! YOU CAN'T GE-" Another kick. Another kick. Another kick. Another kick.

Biological Horror stopped for a moment and held him by the collar "Just a insane slut, hmm? Just another little pussy to fuck with your withering cock? YOU COULDN'T EVEN WAIT FOR ME TO FULLY MATURE!" She threw him to wall behind her, cracking one of his many framed awards or diplomas before taking out her combat knife. "MY LITTLE CUNT WAS SO IRRESISTIBLE, HUH!?" The combat knife was shoved into his leg before being removed and waved in his face. "Oooh, but you can't do anything wrong, mister patriot sir! No sir! Yes sir! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

She started to carve her knife aganist his face, slowly and painful loosening his skin as he let out several blood curdling screams. She could see him beginning to black out from the pain, rifling inside her black pouches attached to her belts for the morphine she had stolen from the medical wing... a miminal amount was injected into his veins. "WAKE UP!" She slapped his half fallen off face as his eyes regained their awareness. "OH GOD, PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING OH GOD!" "YOU CAN STAY STILL! I'm not done yet..." The knife went under his skin again as her other hand forced his head into place. Colonel continued screaming and flailing his fat old limbs against her to no avail. At last the face fell off as she put it on herself. If not for the morphine he would have surely passed out seeing his own face on someone else, letting out a scream entirely born of horror instead of the excruciating pain.

Her voice lowered to a whisper. "Do you love your little boy and girl, Samuel Gulliver?" "NO... KEEP THEM OUT OF THIS! DON'T... AHHHHH!!!" He clutched his face, quickly recoiling at the touch, clearly struggling at containing the amount of pain he was in. She gently wiped the blood off her knife on his white t shirt and tie. "I was thinking of tying them up and raping your wife in front of them... then use them myself." She was bluffing at this point, trying to get maximum agony from her bleeding serial rapist. He began to sob again, tears burning his exposed muscle. A few minutes passed, only filled with sobs and useless writhing aganist Horror's form. "All right. I've had my fun..." She lowered her knife to his stomach, cutting his shirt open as well as his stomach, leaving room for his intestines to tumble out and reignite his strained throat in another agonized scream.

Biological Horror left the room with a satisfied sigh, knowing her seemingly eternal tormentor has met his eternal end.