BACK Betrayal


Adrenaline. Power. Joy. The sight of a convincingly human lizard's flesh being forced upon a wall by few dozen metal pellets, piercing it's armor, both scale and ceramic.

Biological Horror had finally come to realize the truth of her life... She was surrounded by evil. Every single sapient in that faculty had to die by her hands or else they would continue their cruelty! Slit their throat, curb stomp their head on the floor and feel the skull under the helmet bend and crack, blow a hole through their stomach with your shotgun, use that body as a meat shield when the competent security personnel arrive. She hates them, the inferior lizards and people who decided what was right and wrong while being wrong. Hamel told her the truth, the truth that let her see the suffering for what is was... a horrible waste of life.

"CONTACT!" a dozen rounds whizzed past her as she ducked for cover. "BEHIND THE VENDING MACHINE!" A grenade landed by her feet as ran into the suppressive fire to escape the impending explosion. Even though her shoulder shields took the brunt of the onslaught of metal, a few rounds lodged themselves inside her flesh. "God Fucking Shit Fuck! I'm going to kill all of you subhuman fucks!" The grenade went off a moment she fell behind an office cubicle. She wasn't prepared for this. She's fought hundreds of inexperienced angels using shoddily made firearms and thousands of demons using the tactics of thugs equipped with daddy's first sub-machine gun. Not this... they were probably trained exclusively just to take her out if she every tried what she's doing right now.

How did it come to this? How did she get in so over her own head? She had just gotten back from another one of Hamel's one on one sessions with her when she realized she had to do something about the people around her. He had told her such simple things, things she had never realised. She thought it was normal to hurt and be hurt... to even enjoy it. It brought her back to the first time Biological Horror was hurt. It had been around a year since she came out of her tube and they began training her. Commanding Officer Colonel Gulliver had come in to check on the progress of the R&D's top project (that being herself) and it seemed he had a taste for younger women.

It had hurt but had felt good... at least that's what he convinced her to feel. He was too big, it was too fast, she didn't know what was happening, why did she have to suck on it? It broke part of her, she could see the blood coming out from the opening... that's not supposed to happen! That's not supposed to happen... but it felt good so it must be good! He said so, and a fellow patriot wouldn't lie to another! That's what her teachers said, she was a good patriot she'll make them all proud so what if it hurt? He was enjoying it even if it was hurting her and you always have to respect your elders and your superiors... always obey the chain of command even if it hurts you have to keep going... But it's so huge insid-

"OH SHIT!" a explosion went off near her opponent's feet, rendering him as a soon to be corpse missing most of the mass that one would call a leg. She has to focus. "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" yelling as she advanced, throwing another grenade from her harness as she readied her shotgun in anticipation of the lizardmen fleeing their spots. "FUCK!" she was proved right as three sets of bright blue armor became visible, letting themselves become prey to be slaughtered by the shotgun that was held in her arms. The three dropped to the floor and the room had become quiet. Was that all of them? She could have sworn there would be more...

Biological Horror had locked down the underground government compound she called her home on arrival from aforementioned visit to Hamel. Every single person except her had to die and she couldn't risk one of them escaping and letting the other faculties know.