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Biological Horror's Disturbing Entry

"It's cold in heaven. Below freezing. Had to actually turn up my internal temperature high when I broke in.
I'll leave it up to the R&D branch to figure out how an entire city of moving parts works without breaking at that temperature after they get my report."
She put down her journal and glanced at her candle. They've let her bring back a couple souvenirs from her first few wetwork missions in Europe and she has to admit,
writing with a candle is a lot more relaxing than under an bright LED light. Journaling her thoughts is one of the few hobbies she's kept from her short childhood.
Even though they probably only made her do it originally to monitor her, she still has the easiest time unwinding when writing her thoughts down.
Though using her personal computer to look at more explicit media is just as good...

That reminds her of the time she got invited by those creepy old top elites overseeing her creation and care over the years.
It was an astoundingly strange experience, meeting those responsible for your creation and partaking in an ritual rape and sacrifice of children with them.
They were kind enough to include boys for her! Though this gave her an craving that could only be sated during missions in foreign countries (because she could never harm fellow patriots).
Though she knew all of her co-workers despised and were disgusted at the news of what had transpired during her trip with the elites, so she had kept her hobby to herself.

Co-workers... Would her sister feel the same?